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(Cover courtesy of
© 2005 CIBAR)
Oliver Zöllner (ed.):

Targeting International Audiences.
Current and Future Approaches to
International Broadcasting Research.

(= CIBAR Proceedings, Vol. 3)

Bonn: CIBAR, 2005, 202 pages,
in English

CIBAR stands for "Conference of International Broadcasters' Audience Research Services", a worldwide association of researchers in international broadcasting. Volume 3 of the CIBAR conference proceedings series contains expanded and updated articles that were originally presented at CIBAR's 20th annual meeting in London (2004).

Excerpt from introduction:

If international broadcasting research only a few years ago was primarily concerned with deriving basic measurements of audience size and behavior for radio broadcasting, it now must function in a multiple media world of radio (using a variety of delivery mechanisms), the Internet, television and cell phones. And if possible, to present findings based on single-source data so that the multi-faceted behavior of individual media consumers can be better understood.

Contains the following articles:

R. Eugene Parta: Introduction

Graham Mytton: CIBARís 20th Annual Conference: Looking Back and Looking Forward

Understanding Audiences

Alan Booth: From Audit to Insight. Some Remarks on a New Paradigm in Applied Market Research

Hugh Hope-Stone: Great Programme, But Did They Learn Anything? Evaluating the Learning Value of Educational Programming

R. Eugene Parta: Surveying Travelers From the USSR During the Cold War. Attempting to Understand an Inaccessible Audience

Sampling and Fieldwork Issues: Case Studies

Mark Eggerman: Questions for Afghanistan? The Impact of Cultural, Social and Educational Factors on Research
Matthew Warshaw: Building Face-to-Face Research Capacity. Fieldwork in Iraq and Afghanistan

Hugh Barton: Conducting an Audience Survey in Rural Locations. Setting Up Research in Mozambique

William Bell: Measuring Audiences for Voice of America Television Programs. Results From a Survey in Kenya

Lewis Harper: Radio Free Asiaís Reality Check for Political Risk. 'Hard Hat' Aspects of Audience Research

Roland Schuerhoff: Up the Creek Without a Paddle? Is There a Way for Smaller International Stations to Substantial Grounded Information About Audiences' Opinions and Wishes?

Valentina Zlobina: Positioning a New International Radio Service. Target-Group Research for Russian International Radio

Oliver Zöllner: Generating Samples of Diasporic Minority Populations. A Chilean Example [See full article]

Impacts of Technology

Graham Mytton: International Radio Continues to Depend on Shortwave. An Evaluation of Its Myths of Decline

Colin M Wilding: Shortwave: Facing the Facts. Broadcasters Must Adapt to Audiences' Changing Needs

Mark Rhodes: Cell Phone Use and Technology in China. Perspectives for International Broadcasters

Online Research Issues

Kevin Cowan: Engaging Audiences Through Research. The 'Pulse of Africa': A Continent Speaks

James S. Morrow: Internet Performance Measurement. The Broadcasting Board of Governors Approach

Kenneth R. Donow: Creating an Internet Effectiveness Index. What Are Appropriate Measurements for Evaluating Transnational Web Sites?

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